Exam Information

Please click on the following links for all information for exam candidates.

Information for Candidates – Written exams
Information for Candidates – Onscreen tests
Information for Candidates – Non-examination assessments (NEA)
Information for Candidates – Coursework
Information for Candidates – Privacy notice
Information for Candidates – Social media and examinations/assessments
Exam Information Booklet
Exam packs information

The following exam policies and procedures are available from the Exams Officer:
Exams Policy
Access Arrangements Policy
Complaints and Appeals procedure
Disability Policy
Emergency Evacuation Policy
Internal Appeals Procedure
Malpractice and Maladministration Policy
If you would like a copy, please email Mrs Fisher.

For any more information regarding examinations, please contact Mrs Fisher, Exams officer.

Mrs Fisher can be contacted via email or by calling Cornwallis Academy on 01622 743152 using extension 130 for Mrs Fisher.