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Dress Code

The Trust Sixth Form at Cornwallis Academy expects students to wear smart business attire at all times when on site.

A more detailed description can be found below.

Male students and those who identify as male:

Suit trousers and suit jacket or blazer, formal shirt (short sleeves are acceptable) with tie that is visible at all times, formal shoes. Trouser length (at shortest) must touch the top of the shoe.

Female students and those who identify as female: 

Tailored trousers, skirt or dress made from a non-stretch fabric, accompanied by a jacket or blazer, formal blouse or shirt, ties may be worn but must be visible at all times, formal shoes. Dresses and skirts length should sit no higher than 5cm above the knee. Trouser length (at shortest) must touch the top of the shoe. Shoulders should be covered at all times. 

All students:

Coats may be worn to and from the Academy but in accordance with the lower school expectations, these must be removed upon entering the building.  Outdoor scarves and hats should also be removed upon entering the building.

Discreet make-up and jewellery can be worn but should be appropriate for a professional, working environment. Hair colour should be of a natural shade.

Students are not permitted to wear any of the following:

  • Denim, leggings or cargo style trousers, casual t – shirts , cropped tops, “cold shoulder” style tops / dresses or vest tops. 
  • Logo’d jumpers / casual wear. 
  • Trainers, plimsolls or flip flops unless there is a recognised medical condition or need which has been formally communicated to the Sixth Form Team.  
  • Shorts
  • Leather/Pleather garments

Any student considered by the Sixth Form Management Team to be in breach of the above will on the first breach, be given words of advice. Any further breaches of the expectations may result in a student being asked to return home to change. 

If providing your son/daughter with the correct sixth form uniform is a financial problem, please do not hesitate to contact the sixth form team. The link to the application forms for bursary payments can be found on the Sixth Form Section of the school website.