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SLT Staff (ID 1123)

Head of Years

Mrs R Clark-Keen – Year 7 - rclarkkeen@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr S McMahon – Year 8 - smmcmahon@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs B Harding – Year 9 - bharding@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr J Spurling – Year 10 - jspurling@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr T King – Year 11 - tking@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs J Woollett – Head of Key Stage 5 - jwoollett@cornwallisacademy.com

Student Support Managers

Mrs A Ashby & Mrs J Lawson – Year 7 - aashby@cornwallisacademy.com & jlawson@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs S Judd – Year 8 - sjudd@cornwallisacademy.com

Ms A Stephens-Clark – Year 9 - astephensclark@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss S Perry – Year 10 - sperry@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss G Edwards – Year 11 - gedwards@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs S O’Brien – Sixth Form - sobrien@cornwallisacademy.com


All Staff

All staff contact information as of September 2023. Please note, this is alphabetised by surname.

Full Name Job Title Email Address
Mrs S Andrews Teacher of PSHE sandrews@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs A Ashby Student Support Manager for Year 7 aashby@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L Austen Lead Practitioner & Key Stage 5 Lead of Mathematics lausten@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J Baker Director of Mathematics jbaker@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs A Balzan Lead Teacher of ICT abalzan@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K Barker Laboratory Technician kbarker@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L Barton Teacher of Dance, Designated Teacher of CIC & Deputy SENCo lbarton@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T Barton Teaching Assistant tbarton@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs L Boorman Teacher of English lboorman@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs M Boorman Teacher of English & Teaching and Learning Coordinator mboorman@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs C Boucher Teacher of Vocational Studies cboucher@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms A Bray Food Technician abray@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K Breeze Reprographics Officer kbreeze@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J Brennan Office Manager  jbrennan@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss N Burgess Teacher of English & Head of Chartwell nburgess@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr G Cahill DT Technician gcahill@cornwallisacademy.com
Dr A Cherry Director of Science acherry@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr D Clapp Head of History & DoE Co-ordinator dclapp@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs B Clark-Keen Head of Design and Technology & Head of Year 7 bclarkkeen@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs C Clubb Deputy Headteacher cclubb@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs N Coomansingh Teaching Assistant ncoomansingh@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs D Cooper Receptionist/Admin Assistant dcooper@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr S Cracknell Head of Geography scracknell@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr B Cullen Teacher of Art bcullen@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr M Dadson Marketing and Events Officer & Head of Cobham House mdadson@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss F Delamere-Ayling Key Stage 3 Lead of Mathematics & Head of Knowlton House fdelamereayling@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss R Dobson Teacher of Art & Design Technology rdobson@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr S Eatwell ICT & Facilities Manager stuart.eatwell@futureschoolstrust.com
Mrs C Edmed Teacher of Physical Education cedmed@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss G Edwards Student Support Manager for Year 11 gedwards@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms C Eloff Teacher of Computing celoff@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs E Elphinstone Teacher of English eelphinstone@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J Endicott SENCo jendicott@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss R Farhall PA to Headteacher rfarhall@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr M Fillon-Payoux IT Technician mfillonpayoux@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr T Finch Key Stage 3 Lead of History & Head of Scotney tfinch@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs M Ford Teacher of Geography mford@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss V Garcia Rodriguez Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages vgarciarodriguez@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr M Gevaert Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages mgevaert@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs D Glover Head of Vocational Studies dglover@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr L Glover Teacher of Mathematics lglover@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T Goble Admissions Officer tgoble@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs M Gollan Teacher of Psychology mgollan@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs B Harding Teacher of Performing Arts & Head of Year 9 bharding@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J Harmer Academy Tutor – Mathematics jharmer@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr G Harris Teacher of Mathematics gharris@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J Hatch Lead Practitioner of Science jhatch@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr P Henry Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages phenry@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs C Herlihy Assistant Headteacher cherlihy@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss S Hodges Deputy Headteacher shodges@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs L Holmes Teacher of Physical Education lholmes@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms L Horton Teacher of Science lhorton@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J Howard Teacher of History jhoward@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr K Hoy Transport Supervisor khoy@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs N Huggins School Counsellor nhuggins@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr P Jahanshahi Assistant Headteacher pjahanshahi@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T Jones Cover Supervisor tjones@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S Judd Student Support Manager for Year 8 sjudd@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr G Kilbourne Cover Supervisor gkilbourne@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs L King Director of English lking@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr T King Teacher of Mathematics / Football Scholarship Lead & Head of Year 11 tking@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K Langmaid Key Stage 4 Lead of Mathematics klangmaid@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J Lawson Student Support Manager for Year 7 jlawson@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr R Lee Head of Religious Education and Sociology rlee@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr L Lewis Teacher of History & Head of Preson llewis@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss T Lloyd Key Stage 4 Lead & Second in Science tlloyd@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs M Maclean Internal Exclusion Manager  mmaclean@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms L Malata Teacher of RE & Sociology lmalata@cornwallisacaemy.com
Mr D Mannering Senior Facilities Maintenance Technician dmannering@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs N Manser Head of Modern Foreign Languages nmanser@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K Mathieson Teacher of Vocational kmathieson@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S Mayatt Teaching Assistant smayatt@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs G McHugh SEN Officer & DSL gmchugh@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms T McIntyre Careers Advisor & Admin Assistant tmcintyre@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S McMahon Headteacher smcmahon@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr S McMahon Teacher of Science, Head of Year 8 & Digital Leader smmcmahon@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K Miller Teacher of Science kmiller@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J Monk Teacher of Physical Education jmonk@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr C Mortimer Teacher of Geography cmortimer@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T Munday Teacher of Food Technology  tmunday@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss Y Nolan Attendance Officer ynolan@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S O’Brien Sixth Form Student Support Manager sobrien@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs R Quinlan Teacher of Mathematics rquinlan@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr R Packham Senior ICT Technician rpackham@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss A Parker Teacher of Dance & Mental Health, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Lead aparker@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K Pellow Teacher of Vocational Studies & EPQ Co-ordinator kpellow@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss S Perry Student Support Manager for Year 10 sperry@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs R Petch Second in Design & Technology rpetch@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr S Pope Teacher of Science spope@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S Poulter Attendance Officer spoulter@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs G Rawlins Teacher of Design and Technology & Head of Bradbourne grawlins@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss K Ray Teaching Assistant kray@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs E Rees Head of Art erees@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S Reynolds Teaching Assistant sreynolds@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss K Rimmer Learning Support Centre Co-ordinator krimmer@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs R Robinson Assistant Headteacher rrobinson@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J Rofe Finance Assistant  jrofe@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms M Sangster Teacher of Science msangster@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr L Scott Teacher of Physical Education lscott@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms F Simmonds Teacher of English fsimmmonds@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss M Sladden Key Stage 4 Lead of English msladden@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr D Smith Head of Physical Education dsmith@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S Sperryn Teacher of English ssperryn@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs P Spice Teacher of Beauty Therapy pspice@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J Spurling Teacher of History, Government and Politics & Head of Year 10 jspurling@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs M Stokes Assistant Headteacher mstokes@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms A Stephens-Clark Student Support Manager for Year 9 astephensclark@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr D Sutton Teacher of Mathematics dsutton@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J Sutton Deputy Headteacher jsutton@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr G Swain Teacher of PE / Football Academy Lead gswain@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss J Sydenham Teacher of English and Lead Teacher of Media jsydenham@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T Tompsett Teacher of SEN / PSHE ttompsett@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J Upham Teacher of Physical Education jupham@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss H Vass Teacher of Religious Education hvass@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J Waddington Family Liaison Officer jwaddington@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L Wakeling Key Stage 4 Lead of Vocational Studies lwakeling@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L Walker Teacher of Dance lwalker@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms R Wallace Teacher of English rwallace@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J Walters Facilities Maintenance Technician john.walters@futureschoolstrust.com
Mrs A Watts Head of Performing Arts & Data / Timetable Lead awatts@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs A Westland Librarian awestland@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L Willetts Key Stage 3 Lead of English & EAL Lead lwilletts@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr A Windley Teacher of Design Technology awindley@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs M Wooding Examinations Officer mwooding@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J Woollett Head of Key Stage 5 jwoollett@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms Y Zhang EAL Assistant yzhang@cornwallisacademy.com