Sixth Form Taster Day

Over 220 students from Cornwallis Academy and our sister school New Line Learning Academy had the opportunity to take part in a taster session day giving students an idea as to what they might want to study for their post-16 education.

Nearly 50 taster sessions were held with students having the opportunity to take part in 4 each. This gave students an insight into how Sixth Form lessons are run and what is expected of them during their post-16 studies.

Students also had Mrs McIntyre (Cornwallis careers advisor) and Mrs McCarthy (New Line Learning careers advisor) on hand to assist them with the application process as well as answering any concerns or queries they may have about the application process and what subjects can lead to what careers.

From Performing Arts to the Sciences, English to Vocational Subjects there is really something for everyone at The Trust Sixth Form. If you are looking to apply still, please visit UCAS Progress if you do not study at Cornwallis Academy or New Line Learning Academy or if you do study with us you’re your GCSE’s please fill in the application form which can be viewed by clicking here.