Baroness Morris of Yardley Visits Cornwallis Academy 

We were delighted to welcome Baroness Morris of Yardley as she visited Cornwallis Academy on Tuesday 26th September 2017 during a tour of Future Schools Trust academies and The Gateway.

Ms Morris was given a tour of Cornwallis Academy by our head boy George Watts and head girl Tayla Barry from the Cornwallis Sixth Form. The two heads of Sixth form were happy to show her around the facilities and provide information on the classes that were taking place in some parts of the school. 

Ms Morris was impressed with what she had seen at each school, saying: “Here we have a Trust that is really determined to deliver better outcomes for the children and give them better life choices - and that shows through in the classrooms.

“I have seen children working in a focused way in lessons in all of the Trust’s schools, clearly enjoying what they are doing." 

We are very happy that we have the full support of Ms Morris, and look forward to welcoming her back in the future. 

To read more about Ms Morris's full visit, click on the following link: