Summer STEM Programme for Bartosz Szpytzma

We are delighted to report that Year 12 student, Bartosz Szpytzma, has earned a place on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) programme at the University of Kent during the summer holidays.

Bartosz will undertake a research project through the Nuffield Research Placement scheme, specialising in one or more of aforementioned academic fields.

He will work with fellow students, professors and business providers for 4-6 weeks, gaining an invaluable insight into his chosen area of study and developing key skills for university. We are hugely proud of Bartosz as there is fierce competition for places in Kent and Medway, alongside a detailed application process to complete.

Bartosz currently studies chemistry, biology and mathematics at Sixth Form. 

He hopes that the programme will help him decide whether to go on and study to become a doctor, or to progress down the path of medicine research. 

Mr Scott, Acting Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Science, said "This is a fantastic opportunity for Bartosz who is a very talented and hardworking mathematician and scientist. I hope this will develop his already outstanding skills and allow him to take on further progression in the career of his choice in the future". 

"It's an amazing opportunity and I am sure he will do it justice". 

Bartosz would like to thank Mr Scott and the Science Department for their help during the application process. 

Everyone at Cornwallis Academy wish Bartosz the best of luck!