Bookworms raise £700 For New Library

Students staged a sponsored read in support of their fundraising campaign to build a new school library this term.

All students in Year 7 took part in the read during the week commencing April 30th, with parents and friends backing the bookworms in their bid to raise £100,000.

A pre-Christmas plea for book donations brought in more than 1,000 books – but now, we have the problem of where to put them!

Our school has never had a dedicated library and we are asking businesses in particular to ‘buy a letter for the library’ which will form part of a giant ‘Word Wall, with each letter bearing the donor company’s name and logo.

Assistant Headteacher Mrs Pateman said: “Most students carry out their research on the internet nowadays and it’s easy for them to get out of the habit of using books as a resource, as well as reading for pleasure. We are keen to encourage all our students to develop a love of reading and believe our own library would go a long way

towards ful lling this aim.”
Some businesses have already pledged sums ranging from £100 - £1000.

The school has now set up a gofundme page so anyone can donate at the click of a mouse!

Depending on how much money is raised, the plan is to build a new mezzanine area in the school’s central ‘heart space’ or re-design part of an existing space to form the library.

Mrs Pateman said: “We would very much appreciate everyone’s help in donating to this project. We want to have this facility available as soon as possible to support our students’ learning and love of reading.”