Coxheath Primary P.E Outreach

On Tuesday, Cornwallis Academy was invited to bring some students to Coxheath Primary School to help deliver a fun fitness session to all of the primary school students for their Wellbeing week. 

Ten Year 10 students were selected from the GCSE PE and VCERT Health & Fitness course to devise fitness station to include in a circuit. When we arrived at the school, we set up our session on the school field, this was our base of operations for the day. The fitness sessions started from 9am in the morning all the way through to 12.30. 

In the morning, the Year 10 students delivered their fitness session to 8 classes, ranging from Reception through to Year 4.  

In the afternoon session, the students made their fitness stations harder by including a boxing which the Year 5 and Year 6 students loved. 

All the primary school children loved the sessions delivered by our students and were very enthusiastic. It was fantastic to see our Year 10 students engaging and interacting with the primary school children, using lots of encouragement to make their fitness stations fun. 

Our students even helped out at lunch time, getting Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children in a circle to play ‘Duck Duck Goose’!

This was a fantastic day and I am very proud of how well the Year 10 students conducted themselves in a primary school setting.  


Mrs Edmed