Dance & Drama Spectacle

Parents and friends of Cornwallis Academy had yet another chance to witness the talent and skills of some of our students during a two-week celebration of dance and drama. 

Not only was the showcase an opportunity for students to entertain, but, in most cases, an important part of their GCSE and A-level coursework.

The fortnight kicked off with a Dance & Drama Show from students in Years 11-13, which took place on April 26th in the Lecture Theatre. The hugely successful show, entitled ‘The Greatest Show’ burst into life with a routine from the popular film ‘The Greatest Showman’ and went on to feature routines set to popular hits, as well as lesser-known tunes.

More than 40 students took part in the spectacular presentation which received tremendous applause on both evenings.

Year 11 drama students took to the stage on Monday April 30th, with a tale of four friends making their way through the education system in Maidstone. 

Three of the four friends were fortunate enough to end up at Cornwallis Academy, where they prospered through fantastic teaching and guidance given by the Cornwallis teachers. One of the friends was not so fortunate, ending up at a less than ideal secondary school in the area, with lacklustre teaching and poor resources. 

With their friend down on his luck due to a poor education, the three Cornwallis students banded together to help put their friend through college, where he completed his accountancy course and joined his friends in their business venture. 

Onto the following evening, it was the turn of Years 12 and 13, who presented a variety of entertainment, produced as part of their studies.

The Year 12 Acting Performance Showcase involved a bit of audience participation, with everyone being asked to complete questionnaires. (Students are expected to use audience feedback to evaluate their work.) 

Three short dramas, which took their inspiration from the Salvador Dali painting ‘The Persistence of Memory,’ focussed on ‘Joe and his mysterious brain’ – the tale of a 16-year old boy and his battle with mental illness, ‘The Memory Game’ – a study into the importance of memory and ‘Do you get it now?’ – a study of four metal states; dementia, depression, OCD and schizophrenia.

‘Moviemakers Series 1’ by Paul Ferguson, in association with Harding Acting Co., was a light-hearted look at how five employees in a movie rental shop deal with a series of unusual occurrences…..many of them connected with Smiley Steve, a tramp and a tall man – all played by Euan Mitchell, who also adopted the roles of four other characters!

The final performance of the night was ‘An Inspector Calls’ adapted from JB Priestley’s classic play. The performance was tense, taking the audience in different directions as the inspector continuously played with the Birling family, constantly plucking new pieces of information out of them regarding the murder of a young woman somehow connected to the family.