Buy a Letter for our Library

Thank you everyone who donated books during our book drive, we collected over 1,000 books – but we need somewhere to put them!

We are asking local businesses and individuals to help fund the creation of a library with our ‘Buy a Letter for our Library’ campaign; once a business has donated we will have your logo/name/message displayed in our library once built.

Our aim is to raise £100,000 to build a state of the art facility in our academy, including books and other resources to support students learning at all levels. The plan is to either build a new mezzanine area in the school’s central ‘heart space’ to house the library or re-design part of another existing space, depending how much is raised.

Assistant Head Holly Pateman, who devised the Book Drive at the end of last year, said: “Most students carry out their research on the internet nowadays and it’s easy for them to get out of the habit of using books as a resource, as well as reading for pleasure. We are keen to encourage all our students to develop a love of reading and believe our own library would go a long way towards fulfilling this aim.”

As part of the library project, we hope to develop a ‘Word Wall’ asking businesses and individuals to buy a letter to go on the wall, which will carry their name, logo or message.

Some businesses have already pledged sums ranging from £100 - £1000.

The Word Wall will be a giant crossword, containing words pertinent to the library, with the names of sponsors written beneath each letter.

If you would like to support our library, you can donate via this link:   

Thank you for any contribution you are able to make.