Update regarding the Year 8 Ypres Battlefields trip - Monday March 5th. 

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope that your son/daughter is looking forward to the battlefields trip on Monday March 5th. I'm sure that it will be a rewarding visit for them, and they'll learn a great deal. Despite the snow this week, I've consulted with the Anglia Battlefields company this morning, and the visit will happen as scheduled. Please refer to the information below regarding Monday's visit...

Pupils need to arrive at Cornwallis Academy at 6am, to ensure that we leave school promptly at 6.20 am.

Can you please ensure that your child has eaten breakfast before they arrive at school eg cereal/toast etc. It's going to be a long and chilly day so they need to be fired up and ready to go.

Pupils MUST wear normal school uniform, although footwear should be suitable for the surfaces they'll be walking on ie mud. So walking boots/sturdy trainers will be suitable.

It will be very cold and possibly wet on the battlefields, so can you please ensure your child is dressed warmly - extra socks/thermals/fleeces over school uniform/warm coats and something waterproof.

There will be NO opportunity to purchase any food/drink on the day, so pupils need to bring all food with them at the very start of trip. Please can pupils NOT bring any nuts of any kind on the trip, due to a number of students being allergic to them.

Please note that due to school being shut this week because of the weather, the catering staff have not had the opportunity to prepare any Free School Meals. Apologies for this. If you need to contact me about this, please email me directly.

Throughout the day, pupils will be visiting various cemeteries, and so they must demonstrate respectful behaviour at all times.

The coach is likely to return to Cornwallis Academy at around 9pm. When we re enter the UK in the evening, teachers will instruct pupils to start 'phoning parents to let them know about a more precise arrival time at Cornwallis Academy.

Pupils MUST bring their passports on Monday, otherwise they will not be allowed to travel. It is their responsibility to look after their passports.

If your child gets travel sick, please ask them to bring travel sickness tablets with them. Please ensure that your child brings any medication they need eg asthma pumps with them.

Rucksacks would be useful to bring as there will be a lot of walking on the day.

Pupils will be able to take photographs throughout the day, but should be aware that there will be occasions when they will not be able to do so.

Pupils may wish to purchase some chocolate from the Ypres chocolate shops. This will cost - typically - around 10-15 euros per bag. Pupils are free to bring spending money with them for this.

If any issues arise on the day, the contact telephone number for the Cornwallis cohort is 07894566775. Please be aware that some of the areas we are travelling to are remote, so the signal may well be intermittent at times. The Anglia Battlefields company's telephone number is 01376574140.

If you have any other questions regarding the visit, please contact me directly on this email address -