Excellent turn-out for our Year 11 Academic Review Evening

We were thrilled at the turnout for our Year 11 Academic Review Evening.

Approximately 86% of parents and carers attended which was not only encouraging but demonstrates that our parents are keen to ensure their children get the very best out of their education at Cornwallis Academy.

The evening was an opportunity for parents and carers to discuss their children’s PPE results, released on the night, and work together on a plan for the next few months before the real GCSEs begin.

We had some very positive feedback from parents who appreciated this opportunity.

Our Year 11 students took part in the Pre-Public Examinations (‘mocks’) from November 27 to December 15, designed to prepare them for their final GCSEs , which commence in May.

The students sat full GCSE papers in a formal exam setting, giving them an indication of what it will be like to sit the ‘real’ thing. The results from the PPEs are an important indicator of pupils’ progress and allow teachers to identify skills gaps, which can then be addressed before the main exams.  

The results in general reflected the hard work of the students during the year, but also allowed us to identify areas which need further support.

Miss Harding, drama/acting teacher said: “Throughout this process, the Year 11 pupils conducted themselves in a professional manner and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them for their exemplary conduct.”