Sixth Form Life ​​​​​​​

The Sixth Form at Cornwallis Academy provides us with a range of dedicated facilities and opportunities that support our studies and overall experience.

Years 12 and 13 have exclusive access to a coffee shop, which is a prime spot to either find a supportive ear, or to engage in an interactive debate with fellow students. For those who prefer a quiet working environment, there are allocated study areas. Our learning environments are set to expand with the exciting prospect of a new library due to open within the next year.

The academy is rapidly growing and constantly strives to further improve and develop. A large number of improvements come from the students and staff, through the use of our School Council, which provides a platform to discuss issues and ideas that can move the academy forward.

The Sixth Form provides post-16 students with opportunities to best support their next step in life. This comes in the form of responsibility and expectations to help students enhance their skills and experience. A variety of roles within the academy are offered, including cashier duties during lunch and break times and volunteering as helpers for one of our many school events, such as Year 6 Open Evening. Sixth Form students also have the responsibility of arranging a number of charity fundraisers and the much-anticipated prom.

In addition, Sixth Form students have the opportunity to take on a variety of leadership roles, including Head Boy and Head Girl, as well as House Captains. These roles provide us with the chance to interact with all year groups and ensure their voices are heard.