Head of House: Miss K Whitlock

Scotney Castle is steeped in centuries of history and teams of volunteers are always unearthing Scotney’s secrets and unveiling the past. The earliest record of occupancy dates from 1137 but from 1778, it was the Hussey family who were in residence at Scotney until it was left to the National Trust in 1970 by the last Hussey to live there, Christopher Hussey.  Scotney house was built in 1837 by Edward Hussey III from the sandstone quarried from the grounds of the Old Castle. It is positioned to overlook both the castle and estate, with the garden also designed and created at the same time. This meant that all the three elements: house, garden and estate would work as one in creating a perfect picturesque country home.   

This year’s Head of House for Scotney is Miss Whitlock, a History teacher at the academy.  Miss Whitlock is in her second year of teaching and was previously an ICM for 2 years.  As a new member of the Head of House Team Miss Whitlock has said, “I am very excited to be able to lead Scotney House this year.  We have a wonderful group of students who all worked incredibly hard and enthusiastically last year, earning a very respectable third place in sports day.  We have many events planned to help fundraise for our dream library and local charities, and as Scotney House will be taking the lead with our charity and fundraising, I am sure we will be able to make a positive contribution to our communities both within the Academy and outside it.”