GCE Geography

Head of Department

Miss N Ryan

Examining Body

Eduqas (new WJEC England)

Overview of the course:

Young Geographers at Cornwallis Academy Sixth Form will complete the linear A-level. The course itself consists of 4 components which cover a range of geographical topics. The focus of the Geography department is to develop an enthusiasm for and competence in geography by using current real-world contexts and through engagement with and practical application of geographical skills and techniques in the field. Students complete a 4 day residential to hone their geographical skill and to complete their coursework which is worth 20% of their final grade.

Course Details 

Throughout the two-year course, students will complete a range of topics from both physical and human geographies. Within the first component, students will learn about our changing coastlines and changes within places. This will give students a wide range of detail within these two geographical areas.

Within component 2, students will investigate the water and carbon cycle and the impact his has on people. Students will also complete a topic on global governance and geography within the 21st century. Component 3 will look at the working of tectonics and the impacts these have on a local and global scale. Students will also look at ecosystems and energy challenges and dilemmas that we are facing within the 21st century.

Component 4 is the only non-exam part of the course and consists of a fieldwork investigation which is worth 20% of the course. This is an independent student that is completed based on 4 days residential. This element allows for students to choose their own hypothesis and interpret this independently.


Students will complete exam style questions within each lesson. Students will also complete an end of term assessment after each topic to allow for support to be put in place if needed. This will also ensure students are stretched to achieve the best regardless of ability.

Throughout KS5 we as a department aim to ensure all students’ progress but do so with a S.M.I.L.E.

Possible Career Paths 

There are a variety of jobs people can do with geography:

  • Journalist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Weather Forecaster
  • Town planning
  • Surveyor
  • Teacher
  • Tour guide
  • Pilot/Air Hostess