Head of House: Miss H Cole

The History

Set against the picturesque backdrop of East Malling in the heart of the Kentish countryside, Bradbourne House is a Grade 1 listed Tudor building surrounded by 20 acres of serene parkland, including woodland, a large lake, and a stream. Bought by the Twisden family in the 1650’s, this impressive manor house is home to portraits and artifacts detailing the estate’s impressive 400-year history. In 1937, the last Baronet of Bradbourne House and last of the Twisden family, Sir John Ramskill Twisden, died and so in the following year, the East Malling Trust for Horticultural Research bought the estate. This charity continues to manage the day-to-day care of the house and its impressive landscape today, presenting Bradbourne House as a beautiful venue for weddings, private functions and events. We are pleased to incorporate this historic building within the Cornwallis House system, which not only represents part of our eclectic Kentish history but also the conservation efforts of the East Malling Trust, who, since 2007, have planted over 1700 new native trees as part of their on-going improvements to the estate’s parklands.  

The House

This year’s Head of Bradbourne House is Miss Cole, an English Teacher at Cornwallis Academy. Miss Cole is in her third year of teaching at Cornwallis Academy. As a newly appointed Head of House, Miss Cole says: “My team and I are incredibly excited for the opportunity to get involved with the House System in its second year. Last year Bradbourne enjoyed a number of successes, including coming second overall in the Sports Day competitions. This year, we have got plenty of great events to look forward to – for the staff as well as the students! I also hope as well that, with the introduction of role of the Environmental Officers which Bradbourne House will oversee, we can channel some of the great work done by the East Malling Trust to really care for our Academy and create a more environmentally conscientious atmosphere. Overall, Bradbourne House looks forward to becoming more focused on community… whilst keeping its competitive spark alive, of course! By the end of this year I hope that our House will not only be synonymous with rich history and stunning parkland, but also with an unparalleled community spirit and a real aspiration to make the most from our Academy.”