A-level Business Studies 

Head of Department

Mrs D Glover

Examining Body


Overview of the course

This qualification is designed to actively engage students in the study of business and develop them as effective independent learners.  Allowing students to develop and apply their business knowledge, understanding and skills to contemporary issues in a range of local, national and global contexts.  Students will also consider the different stakeholders and how businesses can be ethical and sustainable.


Course Details 

What Will You Study:

This 2-year programme of study and the themes that will be covered over that time are:

  • Theme 1:  Marketing and People
  • Theme 2:  Managing Business Activities
  • Theme 3:  Business decisions and Strategy
  • Theme 4:  Global Business



The A-level course has 3 externally assessed examinations in the 2nd year, consisting of Papers 1 and 2 covering all 4 themes (each paper equalling 35% of the overall qualification) and Paper 3 assessing all 4 themes through pre-release material and unseen material (30% of the overall qualification).

Possible Career Paths 

Students who follow this path may continue on to higher education courses, not necessarily in business related subjects, work apprenticeships or directly into the work place