Our Team

Senior Leadership Team 

Staff Member Position Responsibilities
Mrs I Linney-Drouet
Headteacher Cornwallis Academy
Mrs C Clubb
Deputy Headteacher Attendance & Behaviour and Attitudes
Mrs S McMahon 
Deputy Headteacher Quality of Education, Curriculum and Teaching and Learning
Mr T Stanley 
Assistant Headteacher Impact of Quality of Education & Progress and Outcomes
Miss H Pateman
Assistant Headteacher Personal Development and Careers
Miss S Hodges
Assistant Headteacher Personal Development and KS2 to KS3 Transition
Mr J Sutton
Director of Sixth Form
Responsible for KS4 to KS5 Transition

Wellbeing Leaders

Mr T King
e: tking@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss A Parker - Year 8
e: aparker@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr S McMahon - Year 9
e: smmcmahon@cornwallisacademy.com   

Miss B Harding - Year 10
e: bharding@cornwallisacademy.com  

Mr J Spurling - Year 11
e: jspurling@cornwallisacademy.com  

Mr J Sutton – Director of Sixth Form
e: jsutton@cornwallisacademy.com

Intervention Challenge Managers (ICM) 

Mrs G Cleall - Year 7
e: gcleall@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs J Lawson - Year 8
e: jlawson@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs S Judd – Year 9
e: sjudd@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr M Gabell - Year 10
e: mgabell@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss S Perry - Year 11
e: sperry@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs J Woollett - Sixth Form 
e: jwoollett@cornwallisacademy.com



Head of Department - Mrs E Rees - erees@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr B Cullen - bcullen@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss R Dobson - rdobson@cornwallisacademy.com

Business & Enterprise  

Head of Department - Mrs D Glover - dglover@cornwallisacademy.com

Ms C Boucher - cboucher@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs K Pellow - kpellow@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr N Prebble - nprebble@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr T Stanley - tstanley@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss L Wakeling - lwakeling@cornwallisacademy.com


Lead Teacher - Mrs A Balzan- abalzan@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs A Watts - awatts@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr T Stanley - tstanley@cornwallisacademy.com

Design & Technology  

Head of Department - Mrs R Clark-Keen - rclarkkeen@cornwallisacademy.com

Ms A Broome - abroome@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs T Munday - tmunday@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs R Petch - rpetch@cornwallisacademy.com (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Ms G Rawlins - grawlins@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr A Windley - awindley@cornwallisacademy.com


Acting Head of Department Mr J Kellett - jkellett@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss H Mannouch - hmannouch@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr M Jimmy - mjimmy@cornwallisacademy.com


Head of Department - Mr D Clapp - dclapp@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr D French - dfrench@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr J Howard - jhoward@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr J Spurling - jspurling@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss K Whitlock - kwhitlock@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss J Sutton - jesutton@cornwallisacademy.com



Head of Department - Mr A Smith - asmith@cornwallisacademy.com

Modern Foreign Languages 

Head of Department - Mrs N Manser - nmanser@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr Gevaert - mgevaert@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr B Hernandez - bhernandez@cornwallisacademy.com

Performing Arts 

Head of Department - Mrs A Watts - awatts@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss L Barton - lbarton@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss B Harding - bharding@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss A Parker - aparker@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss L Walker - lwalker@cornwallisacademy.com

Physical Education


Lead Teacher - Mrs D Longhurst - dlonghurst@cornwallisacademy.com 

RE and Sociology 

Head of Department - Mr A Lee - alee@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss H Vass -  hvass@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs L Robinson - lrobinson@cornwallisacademy.com


All teacher information up to date as of 10/03/2020. We will endeavour to keep this as up to date as possible.