House Focus Day

On Wednesday 13th March, students participated in a Focus Day. Students in Years 7-10 joined students in their vertical wellbeing group for a fun filled day of teambuilding activates from Disability Sports to Lollypop Wars, Murder Mystery to the Sports Day Banner Competition.

Crime Scene Investigation
Students attended their Headquarters briefing room where upon they were informed of a murder that had taken place the previous evening. They were shown CCTV and listened to the 999 call before allocating themselves roles within the investigation which included SGT’s, police officers and forensic examiners. Once they had a plan in place they attended the crime scene, whilst there they gathered and seized evidence. Upon their return to their headquarters the students continued to develop their theories and worked as a team examining all of the evidence that had been provided to them.  Using microscopes some of them compared fingerprints and hair samples, whilst others studied Witness statements and built a timeline of events. This resulted in them being able to conclude with whom they thought the murderer was and how the crime had taken place.  Students were really engaged and were excited to question, and accuse the Heads of House of Murder throughout the day.


Lolly Stick Challenge
Throughout the day students participated in the lolly stick challenge. Students met in the lecture theatre where they were shown a demonstration and explained the challenge for their sessions. Groups were divided into their houses and given sets of instructions to create a successful chain explosion. Many groups were successful at this, the longest successful chain was 7.9 metres! The students were very surprised at the effect of the lollipop chain and engaged well with this problem solving challenge. Well done to all houses!


Disability Sports
Students were given the opportunity to experience playing disability sports. The activities included: seated volleyball, blind football and an obstacle course. The students performed and behaved fantastically well throughout the day, reflecting on the difficulty of playing sports as a Paralympian. Students focussed on their skills within the sport, as well as how important team work and communication is in order to succeed. A special thanks goes to Mr McMahon, Mrs Holmes, Mr Lee and Mrs Facey-Holst for helping Mr King deliver the sessions and giving the students a fantastic experience.


Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Edinburgh students worked with Mr Clapp and Miss Scott for the day to officially start their Bronze Award training. Part of the day was spent learning Emergency First Aid, such as dealing with wounds and sprains, and practicing the techniques learned. It was a successful day for all participants who are now part of the way trained for their expedition which will take place in the summer term.


Students in Year 11 spent the day with subject teachers revising for their up and coming GCSE examinations. Year 12 students visited Canterbury University giving students the opportunity to see what university life is like, this meant that they will have a better understanding about how the important of their university applications which they will start in September. Year 13 students had a similar day to Year 11 whereby they were able to choose a subject which they needed to finish work in or needed to do more exam preparation in and spent the day with subject teachers.