Head of Department

Mrs G Glover

Subject Overview

At Cornwallis Academy the Vocational Department provides access to all subjects and an insight into how they operate.  We are an energetic and ambitious team, who seek to provide lessons that enthuse our students and help to develop the skills they need to support future aspirations.  Subjects will be supported by visits and speakers where course appropriate and where topics are not covered but felt important to give a more rounded insight into the qualification being studied.

Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5 - BTEC Extended Certificate in Travel 

Examining Body:


Overview of the course:

This course is a 2-year programme designed to give students an overview of the Travel Industry, looking at a variety of different areas which make up the industry as a whole.  You will look at the travel and tourism industry in the UK is growing and is of major importance to the economy.  Different types of destinations and their importance investigating the features and appeal of global destinations.  Principles of marketing in travel and tourism exploring how to develop a successful marketing plan for use by travel and tourism.

What Will You Study:

You will study 3 Mandatory Units and 1 Optional Unit.  Students will be required to produce a portfolio of coursework with will be externally moderated.  The Units of study may include:  
  • Unit 1 The World of Travel and Tourism
  • Unit 2 Global Destinations
  • Unit 3 Principles of Marketing in Travel and Tourism
  • Unit 9 Visitor Attractions
  • Unit 11 Events, Conferences and Exhibitions


This course is a combination of examination, externally set and assessed units and internally set and assessed units.  

Possible Career Paths:  

Students who follow this path may continue on to higher education courses, not necessarily in Travel related subjects, work apprenticeships or directly into the work place.  Suggestions of careers include: Translator, Museum Curator, Resort Rep, Cabin Crew, Travel Agent, Leisure Centre Manager, Teacher, Tour Guide, Hotel Inspector.