Head of Department

Mrs J Hatch

SMILE Subject Overview

The SMILE curriculum covers interpersonal skills based on two themes:

  • Year 7 Kindness
  • Year 8 Respect

Students work through many different situations and scenarios to develop their understanding of how they can be kind and show that they are kind, and in year 8 how to show respect, even in situations when they disagree with others.

At Cornwallis Academy, experiencing SMILE enables students to work with others and prepares them with lifelong skills that will aid them to be successful both at school and at work.

The SMILE department is comprised of 17 teachers who deliver one hour a week of SMILE curriculum to every student in year 7 and 8.  The lessons are delivered in the classrooms where the staff are based for their subject specialism.

There is no formal assessment for the subject, students are encouraged to make a full contribution during lessons and their attitude to learning is assessed at each reporting cycle for the subject.

The following pages document the curriculum covered during SMILE lessons.