Head of Department

Mrs G Glover

Subject Overview

At Cornwallis Academy the Vocational Department provides access to all subjects and an insight into how they operate.  We are an energetic and ambitious team, who seek to provide lessons that enthuse our students and help to develop the skills they need to support future aspirations.  Subjects will be supported by visits and speakers where course appropriate and where topics are not covered but felt important to give a more rounded insight into the qualification being studied.

Key Stage 5

WJEC Applied Diploma in Criminology

Examining Body


Overview of the course:

Criminology is a 2-year qualification, where you will understand the different types of crime and why people turn to criminal activities.  You will learn about the theories behind crime and the process from a crime being committed to a person being convicted along with the personnel who are involved throughout.

What Will You Study:

The course is made up of 4 Mandatory Units which incorporate Controlled Assessments and External Examinations.   In Year 12 you will study:
  • Unit 1 Changing Awareness of Crime
  • Unit 2 Criminological Theories
  In Year 13 you will study:
  • Unit 3 Crime Scene to Courtroom
  • Unit 4 Crime and Punishment


Units of work will be assessed through external examination and internally taught units with externally set controlled assessments which are internally assessed and externally moderated.   Units 1 and 3 are Controlled Assessments Units 2 and 4 are External Examinations

Possible Career Paths 

This qualification allows students to gain valuable skills including group work, independent working, writing to persuade, and debating. It is a good subject for students who are interested in careers in: uniformed services, education, the police, justice system, paralegals and law, as it allows students the opportunity to gain an understanding of these roles within society. It allows progression for higher Education and a variety of Degrees.