Attendance Tickets & Rewards

Cornwallis introduces to you the ongoing incentive to collect redemption tickets which students are able to redeem for various items at the Reward ‘Shop’ on a Friday lunch time.

As you know Cornwallis has very high expectation of students learning and attendance at school.  One part of the drive is for students to take ownership and be aware of their attendance and to work with incentives and short term goals and to make it more engaging.  This supports all our students and parents; those who come to school every day regardless of set back and those students and families who find this more challenging to achieve.

Each week one ticket will be given to every student who has 100% attendance for the previous week.

Green -  Year 7
Yellow -  Year 8
Red -  Year 9
Blue -  Year 10
Orange -  Years 11, 12 and 13

Collect and save your tickets – to spend!

  • Currently when there are ‘short’ weeks at the beginning or end of a term students will get two tickets if they are in school for the whole of that week – be it 2, 3 or 4 working days
  • Students can also achieve double tickets if their whole tutor group achieves 100% attendance for the week
  • Rewards will vary – in and out of stock and variation to the range available to appeal to all members of our school community from Year 7 – Year 14

If students would like the particular items to be available they may put in a request to student services.

Please see the current rewards catalogue with the numbers of tickets required to achieve the item below.