Our Team

Leadership Team
Staff Member Position Responsibilities
Mrs I Linney-Drouet ilinneydrouet@cornwallisacademy.com Headteacher/Chief Executive Officer Cornwallis Academy/Future Schools Trust
Mrs S McMahon smcmahon@cornwallisacademy.com Head of School Overall Effectiveness of Cornwallis Academy
Mrs C Clubb cclubb@cornwallisacademy.com Deputy Headteacher Attendance & Behaviour and Attitudes
Mr T Stanley tstanley@cornwallisacademy.com Assistant Headteacher Impact of Quality of Education and Progress & Outcomes
Miss H Pateman hpateman@cornwallisacademy.com Assistant Headteacher COVID-19 School Implementation
Miss S Hodges shodges@cornwallisacademy.com Assistant Headteacher Personal Development and KS2 to KS3 Transition
Mr P Jahanshahi jsutton@cornwallisacademy.com Assistant Headteacher Implementation & Impact of Quality of Education and Curriculum
Mrs C Herlihy jsutton@cornwallisacademy.com Assistant Headteacher Intent & Implementation of Quality of Education and Teaching & Learning
Mr J Sutton jsutton@cornwallisacademy.com Director of Sixth Form Sixth Form and KS4 to KS5 Transition
Wellbeing Leaders

Mr J Spurling - Year 7

e: jspurling@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr T King - Year 8

e: tking@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss A Parker - Year 9

e: aparker@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr S McMahon - Year 10

e: smmcmahon@cornwallisacademy.com 

Miss B Harding - Year 11

e: bharding@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr J Sutton – Director of Sixth Form

e: jsutton@cornwallisacademy.com
Intervention Challenge Managers

Miss S Perry - Year 7

e: sperry@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs G Cleall - Year 8

e: gcleall@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs J Lawson - Year 9

e: jlawson@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs S Judd – Year 10

e: sjudd@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr M Gabell - Year 11

e: mgabell@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs J Woollett - Sixth Form

e: jwoollett@cornwallisacademy.com