Our Team

Leadership Team
Staff MemberPositionResponsibilities
Mrs I Linney-Drouet
Chief Executive OfficerFuture Schools Trust
Mrs S McMahon
Head of SchoolOverall Effectiveness of Cornwallis Academy
Mrs C Clubb
Deputy HeadteacherAttendance & Behaviour and Attitudes
Miss S Hodges
Deputy HeadteacherPersonal Development and KS2 to KS3 Transition
Miss H Pateman
Assistant HeadteacherImpact of Quality of Education and Progress & Outcomes
Mr P Jahanshahi
Assistant HeadteacherImplementation & Impact of Quality of Education and Curriculum
Mrs C Herlihy
Assistant HeadteacherIntent & Implementation of Quality of Education and Teaching & Learning
Mr J Sutton
Director of Sixth FormSixth Form and KS4 to KS5 Transition
Head of Years

Mrs B Harding – Year 7

e: bharding@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr J Spurling – Year 8

e: jspurling@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr T King – Year 9

e: tking@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss E Bashford – Year 10

e: ebashford@cornwallisacademy.com

Mr S McMahon – Year 11

e: smmcmahon@cornwallisacademy.com 

Mr J Sutton – Director of Sixth Form

e: jsutton@cornwallisacademy.com

Student Support Managers

Mr M Gabell – Year 7

e: mgabell@cornwallisacademy.com

Miss S Perry – Year 8

e: sperry@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs G Cleall – Year 9

e: gcleall@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs J Lawson – Year 10

e: jlawson@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs S Judd – Year 11

e: sjudd@cornwallisacademy.com

Mrs J Woollett – Sixth Form

e: jwoollett@cornwallisacademy.com

All Staff

All staff contact information as of September 2021. Please note, this is alphabetised by surname.

Full NameJob TitleEmail Address
Ms E AltonSENCOealton@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L AustenTeacher of Mathematicslausten@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J BakerDirector of Mathematicsjbaker@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs A BalzanLead Teacher of ICTabalzan@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K BarkerLaboratory Techniciankbarker@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L BartonTeacher of Dance & Pupil Premium Co-ordinator, Designated Teacher of CIClbarton@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T BartonTeaching Assistanttbarton@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss E BashfordTeacher of Science & Head of Year 10ebashford@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss M BeechingDirector of Englishmbeeching@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs M BoormanTeacher of English & Teaching and Learning Coordinatormboorman@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs C BoucherTeacher of Vocational Studiescboucher@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K BreezeReprographics Officerkbreeze@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J BrennanReceptionist jbrennan@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J Brook-ChildFacilities Maintenance Technicianjbrookchild@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss N BurgessTeacher of English & Head of Chartwellnburgess@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr G CahillDT Techniciangcahill@cornwallisacademy.com
Dr A CherryTeacher of Scienceacherry@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr D ClappHead of Historydclapp@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs B Clark-KeenHead of Design and Technologybclarkkeen@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs G CleallStudent Support Manager for Year 9gcleall@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs C ClubbDeputy Headteachercclubb@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr S CracknellHead of Geographyscracknell@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J CraneTeacher of Mathsjcrane@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr B CullenTeacher of Artbcullen@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr M DadsonMarketing and Events Officermdadson@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss F Delamere-AylingTeacher of Mathematics & Head of Knowlton Housefdelamereayling@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss R DobsonTeacher of Art & Design Technologyrdobson@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs C EdmedTeacher of Physical Educationcedmed@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs E ElphinstoneTeacher of Englisheelphinstone@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S Facey HolstLead Practitioner of Maths & KS4 Co-ordinatorsfaceyholst@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr M Fillon-PayouxICT Tablet Technicianmfillonpayoux@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr T FinchTeacher of History & Head of Scotneytfinch@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs E FisherAttendance & Examinations Officerefisher@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr M GabellStudent Support Manager for Year 7mgabell@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S GardinerData Managersgardiner@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr M GevaertTeacher of Modern Foreign Languagesmgevaert@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr L GloverTeacher of Mathematicslglover@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T GobleAdmissions Officertgoble@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs M GollanTeacher of Psychologymgollan@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L GreendaleCatering Assistantlgreendale@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs B HardingTeacher of Performing Arts & Head of Year 7bharding@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J HarmerAcademy Tutor – Mathematicsjharmer@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr G HarrisTeacher of Mathematicsgharris@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J HatchLead Practitioner of Sciencejhatch@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs C HerlihyAssistant Headteachercherlihy@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss S HodgesDeputy Headteachershodges@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs L HolmesTeacher of Physical Educationlholmes@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms L HortonTeacher of Sciencelhorton@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J HowardTeacher of Historyjhoward@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs E IaquanielloAdmin Assistanteiaquaniello@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr P JahanshahiAssistant Headteacherpjahanshahi@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs A JonesCatering Assistantajones@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T JonesCover Supervisortjones@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S JuddStudent Support Manager for Year 11sjudd@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J KellettTeacher of Geographyjkellett@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr G KilbourneCover Supervisorgkilbourne@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs L KingDeputy Director of English and KS4 Co-ordinatorlking@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr T KingTeacher of Physical Education & Head of Year 9tking@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K LangmaidTeacher of Mathematicsklangmaid@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J LawsonStudent Support Manager for Year 10jlawson@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr R LeeHead of Religious Education and Sociologyrlee@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss T LloydSecond in Sciencetlloyd@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr M LoyCatering Manager mloy@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs M MacleanInternal Exclusion Manager mmaclean@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr D ManneringFacilities Maintenance Techniciandmannering@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs N ManserHead of Modern Foreign Languagesnmanser@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs H MasseyTeacher of Physical Educationhmassey@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs G McHughSEN Administratorgmchugh@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms T McIntyreCareers Advisortmcintyre@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S McMahonHead of Schoolsmcmahon@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr S McMahonTeacher of Science & Head of Year 11smmcmahon@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K MillerTeacher of Sciencekmiller@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J MonkTeacher of Physical Educationjmonk@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T MundayTeacher of Food Technology tmunday@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss C NoyelleTeaching Assistantcnoyelle@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs L O’ConnellPA to CEO/Head of School/Office Managerloconnell@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr R PackhamSenior ICT Technicianrpackham@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss A ParkerTeacher of Dance & Mental Health, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Leadaparker@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs C ParkerCatering Assistantcparker@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss H PatemanAssistant Headteacherhpateman@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs K PellowTeacher of Vocational Studieskpellow@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss S PerryStudent Support Manager for Year 8sperry@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs R PetchSecond in Design & Technologyrpetch@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr S PopeTeacher of Sciencespope@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr N PrebbleTeacher of Vocational Studiesnprebble@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss S RamachandranTeacher of Sciencesramachandran@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs G RawlinsTeacher of Design and Technology & Head of Bradbournegrawlins@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs E ReesHead of Arterees@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S ReynoldsTeaching Assistantsreynolds@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J RimmerTeacher of Geographyjrimmer@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms L RobinsonTeacher of Religious Education and Sociologylrobinson@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J RofeFinance Assistant jrofe@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms M SangsterTeacher of Sciencemsangster@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr L ScottTeacher of Physical Educationlscott@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss S SemperSchool Counsellorssemper@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss M SladdenTeacher of Englishmsladden@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr A SmithHead of Mediaasmith@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr D SmithHead of Physical Educationdsmith@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S SperrynTeacher of Englishssperryn@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J SpurlingTeacher of History, Government and Politics & Head of Year 8jspurling@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss A Stephens-ClarkHigher Level Teaching Assistantastephensclark@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr G Stephens-ClarkTeaching Assistantgstephensclark@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr J SuttonDirector of Sixth Formjsutton@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss J SydenhamTeacher of English & Head of Cobhamjsydenham@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs T TompsettTeacher of SENttompsett@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs D Van de PeerAttendance & Exams Assistantdvandepeer@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss H VassTeacher of Religious Educationhvass@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J WaddingtonFamily Liaison Officerjwaddington@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L WakelingTeacher of Vocational Studies & Head of Prestonlwakeling@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L WalkerTeacher of Dancelwalker@cornwallisacademy.com
Ms R WallaceTeacher of Englishrwallace@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs A WattsHead of Performing Artsawatts@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S WebbCatering Assistantswebb@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs S WhiteFood & Cookery Technicianswhite@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J WhiteheadHigher Level Teaching Assistantjwhitehead@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss K WhitlockTeacher of Historykwhitlock@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss L WillettsTeacher of Englishlwilletts@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr A WilliamsDirector of Scienceawilliams@cornwallisacademy.com
Miss C WilliamsTeacher of English and EPQ & EAL Leadcwilliams@cornwallisacademy.com
Mr A WindleyTeacher of Englishawindley@cornwallisacademy.com
Mrs J WoollettKey Stage 5 Intervention Challenge Managerjwoollett@cornwallisacademy.com