Our Ethos

Our aim is to provide all students with the best educational provision.  We want our school to be the local school of choice, providing an exceptional learning environment where ambitions are achieved for all.  Our drive is to ensure all students achieve their academic potential in order to secure their future employability within a safe, ethical and nurturing environment. We also aim for all our students to develop as confident, courteous and capable young people. We work hard and expect our students to work equally hard to achieve these goals. We are a truly inclusive community and pride ourselves upon our SMILE ethos and school logo. 

The vision is to ensure that we have ambitions for all students. To that end, our philosophy is set out broadly around the five key strategic intents: 

  • Teaching and Learning is self-sustaining and consistently good or better
  • All members of the school community feel valued and believe in lifelong learning
  • The curriculum enables all student outcomes to reflect their ability and potential, overcoming any barriers
  • Leadership within the school is ambitious and inspiring 
  • Our Sixth Form provision is good and ambitious

As a result of the recent school closures, due to Covid-19, curriculum recovery is also a key focus this year. We will regular assess students’ knowledge gaps and provide both universal and targeted supported in order to address the loss of learning time.