KS4 Results Day Press Release 2020

Students at Cornwallis Academy have celebrated continued success and overall improvement in academic outcomes. Given such difficult circumstances, students achieved some fantastic GCSE results this year. This continued improvement echoes our SMILE ethos and demonstrates the strong partnership between students, parents and teachers.

Provisional results indicate that Cornwallis continues its upward trend in improvement. Over the past two academic years the percentage of students achieving tops grades of 7-9 has more than doubled.

We are particularly proud of a further 5% increase in those students achieving a strong pass of 5+.

More than 60% of all GCSE grades achieved were 4+ this is a 5% increase on the previous year.

Mrs McMahon, Head of School, commented: “I am extremely proud of all our students for their hard work and dedication. During a time of such uncertainty, their resilience and self-belief has deservedly paid off.”

Notable achievers

Ollie Langmaid achieved four 9s (Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics); three 7s (English Literature, English Language & History); and two 6s (French & Design Technology).
Hana Parsons achieved three 9s (Mathematics, Design Technology & English Literature); two 8s (English Language & History); one 7 (Chemistry); and two 6s (Biology & Physics).
Abigail Aldrich has achieved one 9 (Food Preparation and Nutrition); four 8s (Biology, Chemistry, English Language & English Literature); and four 7s (Physics, Spanish, History and Mathematics).
Eleanor Mountford has achieved two 9s (Design Technology & English Language), three 8s (English Literature, Spanish & Art and Design); one 7-7 (Combined Science); and two 5s (Mathematics & Geography).
Luke Elston has achieved two 9s (Design Technology & Mathematics); one 8 (Chemistry); three 7s (English Language, English Literature & Physics); one 6 (Biology); and one 5 (Spanish).
Klaudas Ciplys has achieved four 7s (Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics); two 6s (English Literature & English Language); and one 4 (History).
Bradley Carter achieved one 9 (Mathematics); one 8 (Chemistry); three 7s (Biology, English Literature & Physics); one 6 (Geography); and one 5 (Spanish).
Amy Ford achieved four 7s (Chemistry, English Literature, English Language & Mathematics); three 6s (Art and Design, Biology & Physics); and one 5 (History).