Head of Department

Mrs G Glover

Subject Overview

At Cornwallis Academy the Vocational Department provides access to all subjects and an insight into how they operate.  We are an energetic and ambitious team, who seek to provide lessons that enthuse our students and help to develop the skills they need to support future aspirations.  Subjects will be supported by visits and speakers where course appropriate and where topics are not covered but felt important to give a more rounded insight into the qualification being studied.

Key Stage 5

Diploma in Financial Studies (DipFS)

Examining body


Overview of the course

The Diploma in Financial Studies is a 2 year qualification which requires students to successfully complete the Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS) taken in the first year of the course.  The DipFS builds on the skills and knowledge acquired during the Certificate in Financial Studies and extends this to include areas such as financial sustainability within the wider financial services system, the long-term impact of debt. Within DipFS the student explores the political, economic, social, technological, ethical and legal impacts of personal finance in the short, medium and longer terms. Through this, a greater understanding of the impact that global events can have upon consumers and the wider financial services industry is developed and enhances the ability to make informed financial decisions through effective planning to manage the risks and challenges involved in personal finance. Course Details  DipFS consists of four mandatory units: Unit 1 – Financial Capability for the Immediate and Short Term Unit 2 – Financial Capability for the Medium and Long Term Unit 3 – Sustainability of an Individual's Finances Unit 4 – Sustainability of the Financial Services System


All units will be assessed by paper-based examination or by ifs e-test™ electronic testing system. They will be made up of the following components: Year 12 students will undertake and must successfully pass Unit 1 and Unit 2 Year 13 Students will undertake and successfully pass Unit 3 and Unit 4 All units consist of the same format:
  • Part A: 35 multiple choice questions in a 45-minute examination (total marks: 35 / 100)
  • Part B: pre-release case study requiring essay responses to 5 questions in a 105-minute examination (total marks: 60 / 100)
  • Part B will also assess spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) through the essay responses (total mark 5 / 100)

Possible Career Paths: 

Finance allows students to gain valuable skills including group work, independent working, writing to persuade, and debating. Finance is a good subject for students who are interested in careers in the banking sector or as a tax advisor, financial advisor, investment banker, teacher, or perhaps for anyone looking to become self-employed. It gives a great overview for personal finance as well, where students will become more self-sufficient and independent.