Head of Department

Mrs D Glover

Subject Overview

At Cornwallis Academy the Vocational Department provides access to both subjects and an insight into how they operate within the business world.  We are an energetic and ambitious team, who seek to provide lessons that enthuse our students and help to develop the skills they need to support future aspirations.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 Overview:

Course Title:

BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise


The Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment. The main focus is on the knowledge, understanding and skills required to research, plan, pitch and review an enterprise idea that includes: development of key skills that prove aptitude in planning an enterprise activity, including market research, planning, carrying out financial transactions, communication and problem solving.  Units that are covered over the qualification are:
  • Component 1 Exploring Enterprises
  • Component 2 Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity
  • Component 3 Promotion and Finance for Enterprise (examination)

Assessment at Key Stage 4:

The Tech Award courses consist of 3 Components of work, broken down as 60% coursework (2 Components) and 40% examination (1 Component).  Coursework units are internally assessed and moderated before being externally moderated by the exam board.  Students who did not achieve a Level 2 Pass on the Component 3 will be required to attend after school sessions in preparation for re-sitting the examination.

During Year 10, students completed components:

  • Component 1 Exploring Business
  • Component 2 Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity (begin at the end of Year 10)

For Year 11, students will be focusing on components:

  • Component 2 Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity
  • Component 3 Promotion and finance for Enterprise Examination
Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5 Overview

Course Title:

BTEC National Extended Certificate in Business

Examining Body:


Overview of the course:

This course is a 2-year programme designed to give students an overview of the Business World, looking at a variety of different industries.  They will be able to look in detail at how and why businesses operate, the skills required to do so as well as customer service and marketing whilst developing their own skills and knowledge both in and out of the classroom. What Will You Study: There are 3 Mandatory units and 1 optional.  Students will be required to produce a portfolio of coursework with will be externally moderated.  The Units of study may include:
  • Unit 1 Exploring Business
  • Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign
  • Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance
  • Unit 4 Managing an Event
  • Unit 5 International Business
  • Unit 6 Principles of Management


This course is a combination of examination, externally set and assessed units and internally set and assessed units.

Possible Career Paths:

Students who follow this path may continue on to higher education courses, not necessarily in business related subjects, work apprenticeships or directly into the work place.  Careers could include: Manager, Retail Assistant, Merchandiser, Sales Assistant, Call Centre Operator, Human Resources Manager, Finance Assistant, Personal Assistant.